Distant Suns (max) 3.4.1 uploaded to Apple

Posted by on September 26, 2012 in Distant Suns App | 0 comments

Distant Suns (max) 3.4.1 uploaded to Apple

Distant Suns(max) aka, Distant Suns 3.4.0 was released today. I have been getting some scattered reports of What’s Up? behaving unkindly for some; I’ll have a fix into Apple tonight, and hope they can expedite their review.

Update: The new build is in Apple’s hands now.

Update Squared: Apple kindly expedited the review, taking less than a day. Thanks to them.

Update Cubed: I am getting some reports that people are being notified of the update, but when they go to fetch the app, they get a message that it doesn’t exist. Try a little later, as maybe the new build hasn’t had the time to get pushed to all of the iTunes servers around the world. I did wait two hours after Apple gave the go ahead. But obviously that wasn’t enough. 


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